The Swing Doctor

Both of the camp programs have either 1,2 or 3 day offerings with the two day camp being the most popular. Sign up for a private one on one experience or bring a spouse or friend and enjoy the semi-private time on the range.  

​Full Day or Half Day Camps

​"I signed up for golf lessons through Golf Digest Schools and worked with Ray Graziani for two days in March, 2013. I am 55 years old and took up golf two years ago. I coached Little League Baseball for over 20 years which did not help my golf swing. Ray worked magic with me in our short time together. Not only did he correct my bad habits, but more importantly, taught me the correct way to practice to improve my swing, my short game and my putting. Ray is very personable and is full of energy. His use of video technology helped me to correct my swing problems very quickly. I highly recommend Ray, and you can's beat Napa Valley for great wine!"  
           Joel L.; Mountain, NVT
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Golf Lessons in Napa

                       FULL DAY

                Private                Semi Private

             1  Student               2 Students

1 Day      $  600            $  800 ($400/student) 

2 Day      $1100            $1500 ($750/student)

3 Day      $1600            $2200 ($1100/student)



​​​Half Day Boot Camps:

Half Day Camps run from 10:00am to 1:00 PM and will take place on the private range. The Chardonnay Golf Club has one of the best teaching areas in the bay area. There is a large full swing area, a short game facility for chips, pitches and sand play as well as a stand alone putting green. You will not find better facilities in the bay area.   

New Student Special

​​​​​$79($120 value)

1 hour individual lesson

for new students only

​​​​​​​​​Full Day Boot Camp:

Full Day Camps run from 10:00am to 4:00pm and includes range work, lunch and on course playing instruction. One of the main benefits to the all day school is this time on the course.

This on course time allows the player and I to discuss course management options as well as stratagy to help each player lower their scores. 

Golf Boot Camp

​Golf Lessons in Napa

Just an hour drive from Sacramento, Oakland or San Francisco you will find a golf oasis like none other. Learn from one of Golf Digest Schools lead instructors, PGA Teaching Professional Ray Graziani. With over 25 years of  helping golfers play better golf, Ray has the experience and love of the game that will help you.

The Chardonnay Golf Club offers a private driving range set within rolling vineyards in the beautiful Napa Valley.

Whether you're a beginner or a single digit player, a Golf Boot Camp with The Swing Doctor can help you play better and enjoy the game of golf more.

                           HALF DAY

                Private                Semi Private

             1  Student               2 Students

1 Day      $  275            $  350 ($175/student) 

2 Day      $  525            $  650 ($325/student)

3 Day      $  775            $  950 ($475/student)