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New Student Special

The Swing Doctor

Golf Lessons in Napa s

​​​​​$85($125 value)

1 hour individual lesson

for new students only

Video Golf Lessons

All full swing golf lessons include video analysis of the swing*

             1-hour golf lesson: $125      (Junior* $100)

                            Set of 3: $325      (Junior* $250)

                            Set of 5: $495      (Junior* $375)
This lesson consists of 60 minutes of "1 on 1" instruction.

                            2-hour golf lesson: $250        

This golf lesson consists of 120 minutes of  "1 on 1" instruction. Multiple areas of the games components (full swing,chip and pitch shots. putting etc.) will be evaluated. This makes for a great game improvement session.

                             Bring a Friend: $220        

                                  Set of 3: $550        

                                  Set of 5: $900        
This golf lesson consists of 90 minutes of instruction. This allows time for one student to work on discussed changes while instruction is being given to the other. This provides an economical lesson while still providing individual attention.

                                Playing Lesson: $250        
This includes 2 hours of on course instruction. Discussed will be shot selection, course management, reading greens and mental approach to the game.

*Junior are 12 - 17 years of age (Please contact for younger)  
*Due to potential equipment failure video of the lesson is not guaranteed.